The common good matrix

Majoral is a company associated with the Associació Catalana pel foment de la EBC since 2017, although it already started its first Common Good Balance Sheet (BBC) in 2013, reviewing the period of 2012. This first process prompted a change in the suppliers and raw materials, as well as the continuation of a route sustained by the company since its foundation in the 70s.

The Economy for the Common Good (EBC) is a socio-economic model whose main purpose is to achieve the common good, that is, a good life for everyone on a healthy planet. The EBC aims to reorient the current economic model, based on the maximization of individual profit and focus it on the common good. The main idea is that EBC companies are oriented and committed to human dignity, solidarity, social justice, environmental sustainability, transparency and democratic participation. These are the values that govern personal relationships and should also govern economic relations between organizations. This section of the Majoral website details the results of the Common Good Balance Sheet, a tool created for organizational development and the evaluation of business activity by scoring and quantifying its contribution to the common good.

BALANCE SHEET OF THE COMMON GOOD of MAJORAL JOIES Corresponding to the period 2018-2019 and audited in 2023

Four levels are established to classify the scores obtained on the Balance of the Common Good Sheet: Beginner/Beginner, Advanced/Active, Experienced/Proactive, Exemplary/Leader.

The starting point (Beginner) corresponds in most cases with the legal standards, although in some aspects it is more demanding than the current regulations. The use of the balance sheet as a roadmap has allowed Majoral to obtain 270 points in its first balance sheet, obtaining the "Advanced" level during the 2018-2019 period. View the complete audited report.