Join the official Distribution network of MAJORAL

Please read this attached collaboration agreement carefully. It defines the terms of representation of MAJORAL.

What is your business?

From multi-brand jewellers, to small craft workshops, art galleries or corners within other types of businesses, whatever your profile is, we will surely be able to find a formula that fits all parties. Tell us all about your business project: briefly detail what purpose it has, the geographical location, the type of clients you have, the companies with whom we would be sharing your space, security aspects, etc.

For MAJORAL the place and the light where the jewellery is on display is crucial. We have cabinets, displays, graphic information and merchandising available to help promote sales in your business.

Orders and payment conditions

The first order is anything that inspires the two parties. The minimum initial investment for a basic representation of the firm is 10.000 € and might include a representation of the last 3 collections. Delivery time will be about 30-40 working days. Periodic replacements of smaller quantities will be possible, with a delivery time of 30 working days.

Payment terms will always be as follows; 50% upon order confirmation, 50% prior to shipment. MAJORAL can send packaging elements by prior arrangement.


Orders or replacements will be shipped free of shipping charges as long as they are over 2500€ or its equivalent in other currencies. For shipments to the United States, MAJORAL will only be responsible for shipping and customs charges in Spain.

For the management of repairs, it is necessary to contact us beforehand at and inform us of the part/s to be sent. Shipping costs to our workshop will be covered by the customer and the return of our workshop to the customer is assumed by MAJORAL.

Communication and commercial visits

We believe that communication is essential for success so MAJORAL will provide information about new products continuously from our communication department marketing@majoral.comas well as material for social networks and web. We will attend special requests by contacting the department. Commercial visits will be arranged by both parties.

Product returns

The return of pieces in general is not allowed, but we are willing to study any particular case. In the case of accepting the return or exchange of any item, it will have the following conditions:

- The amount of the return will be deducted from the next order, in no case we will refund money.

- The return of pieces purchased in the last 12 months, will have a penalty of 5% of its price.

- The return of pieces purchased more than 12 months ago, will have a penalty of 5% of its price on silver, 7.5% on mixed pieces and 10% of its price on gold pieces.

- In no case we will accept returns of pieces that have been customized or differ from the original model.

If we have not clarified all your doubts, please contact us at