Working with values

We are jewellers who carry out our work from ethical, social and environmentally-responsible perspectives, within a voluntary process of continuous improvement.

The basic and general values:

We understand values as those positive yet not always material qualities that contribute to the wellbeing of people. Human relationships achieve a state of harmony when there is trust, dignity, democracy, justice and respect. We add beauty as an added element that also contributes to this.

Our work obliges us to intensely use materials that come from the subsoil. They are metals and gems that have been used since the beginning of civilisation and which have always formed part of this as an extra element of distinction among people.
To produce these items we need to consume energy and produce waste. We do this consuming the minimum necessary and ensuring that this energy is of a renewable source. The waste is managed in a responsible way according to the regulations in force regarding jewellery establishments.


Like any human organisation that takes the form of a company, it has to integrate people to be able to undertake its economic activity. Our legal form is a Limited Company that was founded in 1996 and which is currently made up of 16 women and 6 men.


For us, jewellery is a decisive cultural activity. Since the beginning of civilisation, we humans have integrated specific objects for personal use as elements of a language that ends up characterising each society and each period.
Jewellery has also been developed in the world of symbols and as such, forms part of the culture of each generation. The different styles of jewellery throughout the centuries and in different parts of the world speak to us of the people and their way of seeing and living life. Today, we do not usually use jewellery as simple banal and superfluous objects, but we give the majority of these items values representing human emotions.
Therefore, for us jewellery forms part of the diverse cultural expressions that accompany our existence, and we create it traditionally so that it can transmit all these values.
At Majoral we love collaborating with different artists, disciplines or cultural projects that we have sought or accepted over the years.