Social actions

-In 2013 Majoral became the first authorised distributor of Fairmined metals in Spain. This has enabled the use of these metals in our own collections and also in the direct sale to other interested jewellers.

During 2019, 75% of the gold purchased by Majoral was with the Fairmined certification and the other 25% RJC recycled gold, metals that guarantee the traceability and transparency of their origin.

-Since 2015 the company has made 25% of its pre-tax profits available to be shared amongst its members by means of a variable payment system.

-Since 2016 we have collaborated with different organisations and institutions to boost sustainable tourism in Formentera and Eivissa:

 -Since 2016 we have received financing from the Triodos Bank, a benchmark in ethical banking.

-Since 2016 Majoral has been a member of the Catalan Association for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good. This organisation promotes the spreading and application of the principles of the ECG in Catalonia and helps companies to implement a social balance alongside the traditional financial balance.

-In 2017 we collaborated on the project.

-In 2018 we encouraged the participation of our workers to create an internal and periodical survey regarding the level of wellbeing during the working day.

-In 2018 we introduced diamonds with a double certification. Given that the Kimberley protocol does not guarantee the origin of the diamonds in any way, we choose to buy from mines that offer additional guarantees of traceability and which are audited by external bodies.

-For the 2018-2019 period Majoral is preparing the Balance of the Common Good (Social Balance) which will be audited during 2020.

Here you can consult the Wellbeing Balance (Social Balance)

-In 2019 we designed a bracelet for the Fundació ACE, the profits of which are destined for research into Alzheimer’s disease.

-In 2020 we introduced a new collection with natural and non-treated color sapphires and fully certified by Wennick-Lefèvre. This Stones come from artisanal mines that guarantee its traceability.

Throughout these years we have collaborated on a regular basis with associations such as the Fundació Vicent Ferrer or the Associació Contra el Cancer.