Majoral Friends

Majoral Friends is our loyalty card.

Majoral wants to reward loyalty and share with its customers and friends the experience of a new way of seeing luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity, appreciating Mediterranean creativity, beauty and life.

The card can be obtained and exclusively enjoyed in our Majoral shops:


Consell de Cent, 308  –  T 93 467 72 09


Av. de la Mola, 89 – La Mola –  T 971 32 70 15

Jaume I, 29 – St. Francesc Xavier – T 971 32 11 48


Anníbal, 8 – Eivissa – T 971 50 88 6


– At each purchase, the costumer will accumulate the 5% of the total amount in their Majoral Friends card.

– The points accumulated could be discounted in the next purchase since 25% maximum of the value.

– The client can choose how many points / euros accumulated in the purchase want to be discounted.

– The accumulated points are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.



This customer loyalty programme (herein, “MAJORAL FRIENDS”) is promoted and organised by Enric Majoral, S.L., with head offices in Calle Zamora 91-95 s/at 3, with fiscal number (CIF) ESB -60982311 and is subject to the general conditions contained in this document (herein, the “General Conditions”).

2.1 The Majoral Loyalty Programme (MAJORAL FRIENDS) is aimed exclusively at the people (CUSTOMERS) who fulfil the requisites established in these General Conditions and adhere to it in accordance with that established in section II.

2.2 Adhesion by the customer to the Customer Loyalty Programme represents the unreserved acceptance by the Customer of these General Conditions of Enric Majoral, S.L. and will not be linked by any other condition. The fact that Enric Majoral, S.L. does not apply any of these General Conditions on any occasion does not imply that they renounce their right to require the fulfilment of any of these conditions.
2.3 The application of the Majoral Loyalty Programme is limited to the Majoral shops and spaces (just as these terms define below) located in Spain.

2.4 Adhesion to the Majoral Loyalty Programme and obtaining the MAJORAL FRIENDS card. The individual consumer, who on the same day has made a purchase in a Majoral shop*, will have the right to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme (MAJORAL FRIENDS)
In any case, those individuals that had a solid relationship as customers of the Majoral shops will have the right to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme without the need to make any purchase, which will be at the discretion of the personnel of Enric Majoral, S.L. Enric Majoral, S.L. reserves the right to check the age of those persons who want to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme, so that it may request, at any time, permission of the parents or guardian to confirm their approval to the participation of those aged less than 18 in this programme. Additionally, the Loyalty Card of the person that does not confirm their age will be deactivated, without this person having the right to receive any compensation, or to exchange any of the points that, if the case, they may have.
2.4.1 For the purposes of these General Conditions, (a) Majoral shop (both in singular or plural, as corresponds) is understood as any establishment open to the public in Spain, whether in the street or in a commercial centre, that under the Majoral commercial name and sign sells articles of jewellery.
2.4.2 The adhesion of the Customer to the Majoral Loyalty Programme will be done through the completion and signature of the Customer of the application form to the programme indicated (herein, the “Application to Join”), and give the Customer the right to obtain the Majoral Loyalty Card and become a cardholder of it, in accordance with that established in these General Conditions. Once this application form has been completed, the Customer will receive a Majoral Loyalty Card.
The validity of the Majoral Friends card is indefinitely, unless expressly waiving from the costumer.


The card can be obtained and exclusively enjoyed in our shops:


Consell de Cent, 308  –  T 93 467 72 09


Av. de la Mola, 89 – La Mola –  T 971 32 70 15

Jaume I, 29 – St. Francesc Xavier – T 971 32 11 48


Anníbal, 8 – Eivissa – T 971 50 88 63



5.1 Accumulation of points:

The Majoral Loyalty Card (MAJORAL FRIENDS) enables its holder, with the prior presentation of it, to accumulate 5% of the purchase value (1 euros=1 point) in the Majoral shops, from the day of registration of the Customer in the Majoral Loyalty Programme. This accumulation of points is in any case subject to the use made of them, according to that established the Points and Advantages section of MAJORAL FRIENDS.

5.2 The MAJORAL FRIENDS Card is not a means of payment. The points cannot be transferred or exchanged for money or products.

5.3 The balance of points will be updated automatically, conserving the points during 18 months after the date of purchase. After the 18 months, they will be annulled.

5.4 MAJORAL Family Group (Optional) BCustomers who are interested may link up as MAJORAL FAMILY GROUP, where one card will be representative and bring together an interested family group (maximum 6 people with MAJORAL FRIENDS personal card), in order to be able to accede to the advantages of the Loyalty Prizes described in the Points and Advantages section of MAJORAL FRIENDS. The expiry date of 18 months of the accumulated purchase value is maintained (Total value in euros of the accumulated purchases through the MAJORAL FAMILY GROUP).

5.4 To exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, the Customer must write to Enric Majoral, S.L. through registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and photocopy of their ID card to the following address:

Enric Majoral, S.L

Zamora 91-95, s/at 3a

08018 Barcelona

5.5 Loss of MAJORAL FRIENDS card. If you have lost the card, you will be able to continue accumulating purchases without needing to present the card at the till. You only need to supply your personal data when making the purchase and order another card in your usual Majoral shop.

These General Conditions will be ruled by Spanish legislation, subjecting both Enric Majoral, S.L. and the Customers to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Customer’s city of residence, with express renouncement to the local legal system that may correspond to them.