Majoral Friends is our loyalty card.

Majoral wants to reward loyalty and share with its customers and friends the experience of a new way of seeing luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity, appreciating Mediterranean creativity, beauty and life.

The card can be obtained and exclusively enjoyed in our Majoral shops:


Consell de Cent, 308  –  T 93 467 72 09


Av. de la Mola, 89 – La Mola –  T 971 32 70 15

Jaume I, 29 – St. Francesc Xavier – T 971 32 11 48


Anníbal, 8 – Eivissa – T 971 50 88 6


– At each purchase, the costumer will accumulate the 5% of the total amount in their Majoral Friends card.

– The points accumulated could be discounted in the next purchase since 25% maximum of the value.

– The client can choose how many points / euros accumulated in the purchase want to be discounted.

– The accumulated points are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.



This customer loyalty programme (herein, “MAJORAL FRIENDS”) is promoted and organised by Enric Majoral, S.L., with head offices in Calle Zamora 91-95 s/at 3, with fiscal number (CIF) ESB -60982311 and is subject to the general conditions contained in this document (herein, the “General Conditions”).

2.1 The Majoral Loyalty Programme (MAJORAL FRIENDS) is aimed exclusively at the people (CUSTOMERS) who fulfil the requisites established in these General Conditions and adhere to it in accordance with that established in section II.

2.2 Adhesion by the customer to the Customer Loyalty Programme represents the unreserved acceptance by the Customer of these General Conditions of Enric Majoral, S.L. and will not be linked by any other condition. The fact that Enric Majoral, S.L. does not apply any of these General Conditions on any occasion does not imply that they renounce their right to require the fulfilment of any of these conditions.
2.3 The application of the Majoral Loyalty Programme is limited to the Majoral shops and spaces (just as these terms define below) located in Spain.

2.4 Adhesion to the Majoral Loyalty Programme and obtaining the MAJORAL FRIENDS card. The individual consumer, who on the same day has made a purchase in a Majoral shop*, will have the right to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme (MAJORAL FRIENDS)
In any case, those individuals that had a solid relationship as customers of the Majoral shops will have the right to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme without the need to make any purchase, which will be at the discretion of the personnel of Enric Majoral, S.L. Enric Majoral, S.L. reserves the right to check the age of those persons who want to adhere to the Majoral Loyalty Programme, so that it may request, at any time, permission of the parents or guardian to confirm their approval to the participation of those aged less than 18 in this programme. Additionally, the Loyalty Card of the person that does not confirm their age will be deactivated, without this person having the right to receive any compensation, or to exchange any of the points that, if the case, they may have.
2.4.1 For the purposes of these General Conditions, (a) Majoral shop (both in singular or plural, as corresponds) is understood as any establishment open to the public in Spain, whether in the street or in a commercial centre, that under the Majoral commercial name and sign sells articles of jewellery.
2.4.2 The adhesion of the Customer to the Majoral Loyalty Programme will be done through the completion and signature of the Customer of the application form to the programme indicated (herein, the “Application to Join”), and give the Customer the right to obtain the Majoral Loyalty Card and become a cardholder of it, in accordance with that established in these General Conditions. Once this application form has been completed, the Customer will receive a Majoral Loyalty Card.
The validity of the Majoral Friends card is indefinitely, unless expressly waiving from the costumer.


The card can be obtained and exclusively enjoyed in our shops:


Consell de Cent, 308  –  T 93 467 72 09


Av. de la Mola, 89 – La Mola –  T 971 32 70 15

Jaume I, 29 – St. Francesc Xavier – T 971 32 11 48


Anníbal, 8 – Eivissa – T 971 50 88 63



5.1 Accumulation of points:

The Majoral Loyalty Card (MAJORAL FRIENDS) enables its holder, with the prior presentation of it, to accumulate 5% of the purchase value (1 euros=1 point) in the Majoral shops, from the day of registration of the Customer in the Majoral Loyalty Programme. This accumulation of points is in any case subject to the use made of them, according to that established the Points and Advantages section of MAJORAL FRIENDS.

5.2 The MAJORAL FRIENDS Card is not a means of payment. The points cannot be transferred or exchanged for money or products.

5.3 The balance of points will be updated automatically, conserving the points during 18 months after the date of purchase. After the 18 months, they will be annulled.

5.4 MAJORAL Family Group (Optional) BCustomers who are interested may link up as MAJORAL FAMILY GROUP, where one card will be representative and bring together an interested family group (maximum 6 people with MAJORAL FRIENDS personal card), in order to be able to accede to the advantages of the Loyalty Prizes described in the Points and Advantages section of MAJORAL FRIENDS. The expiry date of 18 months of the accumulated purchase value is maintained (Total value in euros of the accumulated purchases through the MAJORAL FAMILY GROUP).

5.4 To exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, the Customer must write to Enric Majoral, S.L. through registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and photocopy of their ID card to the following address:

Enric Majoral, S.L

Zamora 91-95, s/at 3a

08018 Barcelona

5.5 Loss of MAJORAL FRIENDS card. If you have lost the card, you will be able to continue accumulating purchases without needing to present the card at the till. You only need to supply your personal data when making the purchase and order another card in your usual Majoral shop.

These General Conditions will be ruled by Spanish legislation, subjecting both Enric Majoral, S.L. and the Customers to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Customer’s city of residence, with express renouncement to the local legal system that may correspond to them.


Legal advice. General information.

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of services of the information society and e-commerce (LSSICE), we inform you of the following:
Name of the company: ENRIC MAJORAL SL
Head office: Zamora, 91-95 S/At. 3a 08018 BARCELONA
The company is registered in the Company Register of Barcelona. Volume 28701, Sheet 0056, Gen. Section 1a, Inscription 1 and 3; CIF: B 60982311
The domains:

have been registered in the Company Registry of Barcelona, as established by Law 34/2002.

Welcome to the website of Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral (herein Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral). We would ask you to read our Privacy policy carefully in order to be aware of the treatment of personal data passed on through the use of Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral.

ENRIC MAJORAL SL, 2012. All rights reserved.

The names and images shown on this page are the property of MAJORAL.

MAJORAL declines all liability deriving from the improper use of the contents shown in this page and reserves the right to update them, eliminate them or restrict access at any time, either temporarily or permanently.
MAJORAL declines all liability deriving from any information not contained in this page. Specifically, it declines liability regarding the information contained in web pages of third parties connected by links to the web pages of MAJORAL.
MAJORAL is not liable for possible errors of security that may occur through the use of computers infected with computer viruses, or the consequences that may derive from the bad functioning of the browser or the use of versions of it that are not updated.

Conditions of sale

Read these conditions carefully

These General Conditions expressly regulate the relations arising between Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral, Carrer Zamora 91-95, with tax number B 60.982.311 (Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral) and third parties (herein “Users”) that takes place when registering as users and/or purchasing products through the online shop of the official Majoral website (http:// “, herein the “Shop”).

1. Obligations of the user

The user is generally obliged to use the Shop to purchase products and use each service of the Shop diligently, in accordance with the law, morals, public order and that established in these General Conditions, and must abstain from using them in any way that may impede, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning and enjoyment of the Shop by the users or may harm or cause damage to the assets and rights of Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral, their suppliers, users or any other third party in general.

2. Products and prices

Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral reserves the right to decide at any time the products it offers to users through the Shop. En particular, Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral may at any time add new products to offers or included in the Shop, understanding that any other thing that is made available is a product that is ruled by these General Conditions. Moreover, Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral reserves the right to providing or facilitating the access and use at any time without prior notice of the any of the different types of products that are offered in the Shop.

The products offered and included in the Shop correspond, in the visualisation on the web in the most reliable way possible allowed by technology. The characteristics of the products and their prices appear in the Shop. The prices shown in the Shop are in euros and include VAT, which appears added at the end of the purchase, except when otherwise indicated.

3. Procedure and method of payment of the products

  1. Within a maximum time period of twenty-four (24) hours, Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral will send an e-mail to the user, confirming their purchase. This e-mail will have a reference code for the purchase, and will detail the characteristics of the product, its price, transport costs and data of the different options for making the payment for the products to Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral
  2. The user who purchases the product through the Shop must make the payment through the payment systems specifically outlined in the Shop.
  3. Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral will file electronic documents in which the contract is formalised, sending a copy to the user once the purchase is made. The contract will be written in the language that has been requested: Catalan, Spanish, English.
  4. The confirmation of the order sent by Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral is not valid as an invoice, but is merely a receipt of purchase, and Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral will send the invoice for the product together with it.

4. Right of waiver

  1. The user has a right of waiver by which they must contact Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral by e-mail at the following address: and waive the purchase within a period not greater than seven (7) working days, as from the reception of the product. The product must be sent together with the correctly envelope. This return will be done in accordance with the instructions given to the user by Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral in response to their notification of use of the right of waiver. The User must return the product within a maximum period of seven (7) days from when Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral informs them of the method of return.
  2. The waiver includes the refund of the amount paid. To do this, the client must indicate on the return form the number and holder of the credit card to which Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral must make the payment. The time period for making this refund will be established by Law, after Enric Majoral, SL has received the product which is the objective of the waiver in a perfect state of conservation.
  3. The right to waiver cannot be exercised when the product is not returned in its original packaging and when the product is not in a perfect state.

5. Customer attention service

For any incident, claim or exercising of their rights, the user can send an e-mail to

6. Home delivery service

  1. The territorial sphere of sales through the Shop is worldwide. The products purchased through the Shop will be sent to the delivery address provided by the user once payment has been checked, the maximum delivery time being thirty (30) days establish by default by law.
  2. The delivery service of Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral is done in collaboration with different logistical operators of recognised renown. PO boxes, hotels or other non-permanent addresses will not be recognised for delivery.
  3. The delivery costs correspond to the destination in question. The local transport costs (Barcelona) will be 5€. Nationally for the rest of Peninsula, Balearics, Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla, 10€. European Economic Community 20€, and the rest of the world 45€.
  4. Free shipping cost for all orders above 300€.

7. Intellectual and industrial property

  1. The user recognises that all the elements of the Shop and each of the products, the information and materials contained in them, the brands, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, and the computer programme used in relation to them, are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral itself or third parties, and that the General Conditions do not attribute to them regarding these rights of intellectual and industrial property any other right different from those specifically included in them.
  2. Except when authorised by Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral or if necessary by third parties of the corresponding rights, or at least this being legally permitted, the user cannot reproduce, transform, modify, separate, undertake reverse engineering, distribute, hire, loan, make available or allow public access through any means of public communication of any of the elements referred to the previous paragraph. The user must use the materials, elements and information that they access through the Shop only for their own needs, and must not directly or indirectly undertake any commercial use of the materials, elements and information obtained through them.
  3. The user must abstain from avoiding or manipulating any technical device established by Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral or by third parties in the Shop.

8. Passwords

  1. Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user that registers with Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral. These passwords will be used to gain access to the exclusive services of Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral by registered users.
  2. The user must be solely responsible for their password in the strictest and total confidentiality, thus assuming the damage or consequences of all types deriving from the breach or revelation of the secret password.
  3. The password may be changed at any time by the user. The user promises to notify Enric Majoral, SL – Majoral immediately of any unauthorised use of their password, as well as access to it by unauthorised third parties.

9. Law and legal code applicable

These general conditions are ruled by Spanish law. Any conflict arising from the interpretation or execution that may arise in relation to the validity, interpretation, compliance or termination of this contract is subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Barcelona, with renouncement of the legal system that may correspond to the user, on the condition that the legislation applicable allows it.


To comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation, (EU) 2016/679, from now on RGPD and current regulations, ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. informs you and makes available the following data protection policy.

Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

The person responsible for the treatment is ENRIC MARJORAL S.L. domiciled in Carrer Zamora no. 91 sobreàtic 3o in Barcelona (08018) and NIF B60982311.

Responsible contact details:

Phone: +34 933 209 100


What are the purposes of the treatment?

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. will treat your personal data for the following purposes:

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?

The legitimation per to the processing of your personal data is the execution and maintenance of the pre-contractual or contractual relationship established by you with ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. and is not subject to your consent. For this reason, we inform you that your personal data that we request at the time of registering as a client in paper forms, in the online store or in the “Contact” section of our website, are strictly necessary to be able to provide the services or products you request. In the case of not providing these data, we can not maintain this relationship.

In order to send you communications and promotions, both by email and by mail, related to our products and services, we will need your explicit consent, in no case the withdrawal of this consent will condition the maintenance of the relationship that ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. keep with you.

How long will we keep your data?

Your data will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the necessary years to be able to comply with the legal obligations and in any case as long as you maintain the validity of your consent.

Automated decisions

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. does not elaborate profiles from automated decisions, all the decisions about the treatment based on the aforementioned purposes are always taken with the intervention of a person.

Recipients of your data

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. will not communicate your personal data to third parties unless it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation.

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. does not carry out international data transmission to third countries outside the EU.

In what way does ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. of your data?

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. has adopted, as indicated in current legislation, the organizational and technical measures necessary to ensure the protection of personal data in order to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or other possible risks during the treatment.

Rights of interested persons

Right of access: The interested party has the right to obtain from ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. the confirmation of whether or not your personal data is being processed and, if so, that you are provided with information about what your data is being processed by ENRIC MAJORAL S.L.

Right of rectification: The person concerned has the right to rectify their inaccurate or incomplete data.

Right of withdrawal (“right to be forgotten”): The data subject has the right to the deletion of their personal data when, among other reasons, their data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and are not subject to compelling legitimate interests or for the exercise or defense of possible claims.

Right to limitation of treatment: The interested party has the right to request the limitation of the processing of their data. In this case, they may only be subject to treatment, with the exception of their preservation, for the formulation, exercise, or defense of claims.

Right to the portability of your data: The interested party has the right to receive their personal data, which has been provided to us for processing, in a structured format, commonly used and mechanically read.

Right of opposition: The interested party has the right to oppose the processing of their data at any time, for reasons related to their particular situation, in this ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. will stop processing the data with the exception of having legitimate compelling reasons or for the exercise or defense of possible claims.

To exercise their rights, the interested person must send an application attaching a copy of their identification document to:


in writing: Zamora no. 91 sobreático 3o – Barcelona (08018)

Likewise, the interested party may submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when it considers that ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. he has not duly satisfied the exercise of his rights.


Date of last update: 05/25/2018