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ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. Uses its own and third party cookies to improve the browsing experience. If you continue browsing we understand that you accept their use. More information is available at our “Cookies policy” section. (link o Botó +info)


Cookies policy

In accordance with the law in force, ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. provides users with information relating to the cookies it uses and the reason for their use, as well asking for their consent to use them.

ENRIC MAJORAL S.L. uses its own and third party cookies in order to offer a better browsing experience and a better service. Nevertheless, the user has the option of stopping the generation of cookies and eliminating them by selecting the corresponding option in their browser. In the case of blocking the use of cookies in their browser, it is possible that some services or functions of the webpage will not be available.

What is a ‘cookie’?

Cookies constitute a tool used by web servers to store and recover information relating to users. They are small text files that the webpages send to the browser and which are stored in the user’s terminal, which may be a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. This information enables information to be recovered, such as connection data to the social networks or data regarding browsing preferences. This data is stored to be remembered when the user visits the webpage again.

How are cookies used and what type of information do they store?

On browsing the webpage, the user is accepting that cookies are installed in their terminal which enables the following information to be known:

Types of cookies used

Session cookies: they are temporary cookies that stay in the cookies file of your browser until you leave the webpage, so therefore none of them remain saved in the user’s hard disk. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse patterns of traffic on the web.

Permanent cookies: they are stored on the hard disk and our website reads them every time you make a new visit. A permanent cookie has a specific expiry date and will stop functioning after this date.

Below we publish a list of the main cookies used in our web, and we distinguish among the following:

The tables we publish below show in diagram form the cookies described above and used in the web of ENRIC MAJORAL S.L.:

Own cookies

Control the session and user preferences

Third party cookies

Google Analytics


Browsing anonymously which enables knowing what is consulted and how it is browsed. Google Analytics, a free statistical service of webpages offered by Google, Inc. Google Analytics compiles information of the user’s equipment to evaluate the use of the News App application and compile reports about application activity

Google Maps Google Localisation cookie

Cookies inserted by other channels

Twitter Visitor
Linkedin Visitor
Youtube i Google+ Visitor

Configuration of cookies according to the browser

As a user you can block or disable the installation of cookies through the settings of your browser, which provides you with a more precise control of your privacy, being able to disable all the cookies of all the websites that you do not trust, according to the capabilities of the browser.
Practically all servers enable the notification of the presence of cookies or to reject them automatically.

Below we show the links of the most popular browsers and/or systems so that you have the information necessary for your settings.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Safari for IOS (iPhone y iPad)
Chrome for Android

Acceptance of the cookies policy

By using this website the user expressly accepts the treatment of the information obtained in the way and for the purposes described.
The user also accepts that they are aware of the possibility of rejecting the treatment of data and/or the information by rejecting the use of cookies by means of selecting the appropriate setting in their browser.
The user is aware that this option of blocking the cookies may mean that they cannot make full use of the functions of the website.